Choir Policies

All gatherings are temporarily suspended.  A re-start date for church choirs is not yet known.  The information below is the way things were, and hopefully will be again.  Stay safe & healthy, and keep singing for each other!

  • We totally understand that sometimes things come up!
  • We actively encourage each child to take responsibility for his or her role in the choir, but there's also a sense of flexibility, especially for family plans around the holidays.
  • We ask that you keep us informed in advance whenever there is a scheduling conflict, so that we may plan for it.
  • As much as possible, encourage your young choristers to take their attendance seriously. Each choir is a team: its members need each other's support and presence as regularly as possible.
A Few Necessary Items:
  • each child must have his or her own 3-ring binder (black) to hold sheet music. If this is a hardship, tell us; the parish can provide binders for some children, as needed.
  • performance dress is usually a white top and black bottom (pants or skirt).