Parental Involvement

The parents can do much to help strengthen the choir program:
  • Encourage your child AND the other children too - let them all know that it's a joy to hear them singing! Parental encouragement provides the confidence and enthusiasm that kids need in order to do well.
  • Spread the word! Encourage your child to bring friends to join the choir. Choir is always more fun when there are lots of kids singing together. Talk to other parents, too... this is a good-quality, free program their kids will enjoy.
  • Be present (when possible).  Certainly try to attend your child's performances. Your presence at rehearsals is also greatly appreciated!
  • Set a great example.  Kids can see whether you are sincerely interested in their performance, or whether you're distracted by technology.  Your presence and respectful attentiveness are SO much more important than photos, videos or recordings.  Video should never be used during church services, and even photos should be kept to a minimum.  At other performances, be respectful of the people around you, and remember that cameras (and smartphones & tablets) can be a significant distraction.  At rehearsals, ALL guests - young and old - should keep silent, so the choristers can hear every detail of their music-making and the director's instruction.
  • Parents are needed to help coordinate food, drinks & decor at the end-of-year party.
  • Would YOU like to sing, too? Parents are invited to make music by joining the parish's Adult Choir. Talk with Jen or Jim about this; your kids will be very impressed!