2017 Lincoln Center Preparation

The best way to prepare:

Use the resources on this site:
The sheet music is in pdf format, for viewing and/or printing. The mp3s are for listening, learning & practicing. Each song has its own page on this site. Use these links:

Listen carefully before you sing:
Get to know each song by how it sounds first; then singing it will be easy. While listening, follow along looking at the sheet music. Note that each recording contains some music with no singing at all! That "space" in the music is for other soloists and instruments to do their part. The choir joins in only at certain moments. We've included the whole track so you can get used to hearing your part in the context of the entire song. The vocals on these practice tracks are recorded by our own Choir Directors, Evi and Jim.
Please learn your part exactly as sung in the recording.

Practice a little every day; memorize your part
A little bit of time (10-15 minutes) every single day makes memorization easy. Everyone must learn to sing his/her part from memory. This is a requirement; we can't include anyone onstage at Lincoln Center if he/she hasn't memorized the music.

Record yourself:
Once you've learned your own part really well, use the instrumental track to sing along to. Record yourself singing your part from memory, and send us the recording. Recording yourself is a valuable part of learning more thoroughly. And it will prove that you know your part!

Enjoy the music!
We hope you have fun with this project. Some of these arrangements were written specially with your voices in mind. Let us know if you have any difficulties accessing the files, or questions about the music.