What is the regular schedule?
  • Children's Choir meets Wednesdays 5:45pm - 6:45. 
Where do the Choirs meet?
  • In the church, up front at the piano
  • at Sacred Hearts & St. Stephen Church
  • (Corner of Summit & Hicks Streets)
Are there TWO Kids' Choirs? What's the difference?
  • At this time there is ONE Children's Choir, combining all ages 7 & up.  Sometimes when we have MANY participants, we split into two choirs as follows...
  • Youth Choir:  For ages 10-18, this selective group of engaged and interested young singers focuses on advanced music-making, singing in harmony, singing solos in performances, learning vocal technique & musical expression, and taking on leadership roles for their younger colleagues in the children's choir. Audition required. Meets Wednesdays 5:45pm-6:45pm.
  • Children's Choir:  For the youngest voices in our parish and beyond, there is the beloved SHSS Children's Choir. Girls and boys, age 6-12, learn the joy of singing in a group and making great music together through both playful and performance-based experiences. Meets Wednesdays 5:45pm-6:45pm.
What does each child need?
  • performance dress is usually a white top and black bottom (pants or skirt). 
What's the attendance policy?
  • We totally understand that sometimes things come up!
  • We actively encourage each child to take responsibility for his or her role in the choir, but there's also a sense of flexibility, especially for family plans around the holidays.
  • We ask that you keep us informed in advance whenever there is a scheduling conflict, so that we may plan for it.
  • As much as possible, encourage your young choristers to take their attendance seriously. Each choir is a team: its members need each other's support and presence as regularly as possible.
Is Choir part of the Religious Education program?
  • The Youth & Children's Choirs are separate from the Religious Ed. program.
  • The Choirs are open to all children aged 7-18, regardless of religious affiliation.
  • For those who are attending the religious ed. classes on Sundays, singing is included in the Sunday morning Religious Ed. sessions, but the Choir is a separate activity, and covers more repertoire and more musical concepts than the Sunday morning sessions. 
What kind of songs will be sung?
  • not just church music, but a mix of secular and sacred repertoire.
  • our aim is to foster a love for singing and a positive experience of making music; many genres and subjects will be included.
When will the Children's Choir perform?
  • The Children's Choir sings primarily for church services, but also for community parties and celebrations. As our repertoire builds, we will be moving towards the goal of singing concerts, too.
  • The year is divided into "sessions" - fall, winter and spring - and each session's performance schedule will be created after the first few rehearsals.
  • Pandemic update:  we will rehears & perform while the local risk level in Brooklyn is low or medium, as defined by the CDC.  We may temporarily suspend performances if the local risk level becomes high.
Can the parents help?
  • Yes!  The parents are key to strengthening the choir program.
  • First and foremost, encourage your child - let them know that it's a joy just to hear them singing!  Parental encouragement provides the confidence and enthusiasm that kids need in order to do well.
  • Secondly, spread the word!  Encourage your child to bring friends to join the choir. Choir is always more fun when there are lots of kids singing together.  Talk to other parents, too... this is a good-quality, free program their kids will enjoy.
  • Your presence at rehearsals (when possible) is also greatly appreciated.  But please note that all rehearsal guests - young and old - should keep silent, so the choristers can hear every detail of their music-making and the director's instruction.
  • parents are needed to help coordinate food, drinks & decor at the end-of-year party.
  • How about singing?  Parents are invited to make music too, by joining our Adult Choir. Talk with Jen or Jim about this; your kids will be very impressed!
What about Covid safety? (updated March, 2023)
  • All are welcome to participate, regardless of vaccination status.
  • If you have any cold symptoms at all, please don't come to choir that day, even if you test negative for Covid.
  • If you have tested positive for Covid within the past 5 days, please don't come to choir, even if you have no symptoms.
  • We will perform while the local risk level in Brooklyn is low or medium, as defined by the CDC. 
  • We may temporarily suspend performances if the local risk level becomes high.