Invitation Back to Choir - Fall 2021

We are very pleased to welcome you back to choir this fall!  We plan to meet in person at church, for some much-needed time together making music.  There will certainly be some safety protocols to observe (see below), but these necessities should enable us to enjoy being a choir together once again!

Schedule - every Wednesday, starting September 22
Children & Youth Choirs:
5:45 - 6:45 in the main church near the piano

Safety Protocol for Singing Together Fall 2021
1. All choir participants 12+ must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  Proof of vaccination must be shown before attending rehearsals (CDC Vaccination Card or an image of it; NY Excelsior Pass either on your device or printed out.  Don't send proof via email - just bring it to your first rehearsal).
2. For all participants, KN95 masks (or equivalent) must be worn while singing; masks must be worn at all times while indoors at rehearsal.
3. We will be spacing out two arms’ lengths from each other to sing.
4. Disinfecting wipes will be provided for sanitizing rehearsal binders and other surfaces.  Please wash/sanitize your hands before picking up your choir book at the beginning of rehearsal, and wipe the book down before leaving it after rehearsal.
5. Do not come to choir if:  you experience any symptoms of illness within 48 hours of rehearsal; or if you've recently tested positive for Covid, even if you are without symptoms; or if you've had a Covid exposure incident within 7 days.
6. If possible, keep getting tested regularly.
We will adjust these plans if public health guidance changes.

As much as we dislike having to bother with safety protocols, it's our sincere hope that doing so will help us to restore some much-needed singing and togetherness in our lives!  

About the singing:
To get our skills back in this new arrangement, we’ll start the season with some tried and true familiar repertoire. There’s so much for us to work on to get our voices moving in person again, and we're excited for this opportunity to challenge ourselves to really listen for each other and build a stronger group connection. 

We hope you enjoy the end of summer & beginning of fall!  We hope to see you all soon!

Much love,

Jim & Jen

James Lake & Jennifer Wu
Music Ministry
Sacred Hearts & St Stephen Church
Brooklyn, NY