Choir from Home, November

A Capella Project: Mary, Did You Know?

We are going to be recording our own backing track this week, so that this Christmas Carol will be accompanied with our own voices rather than an instrumental! Next week we'll get to work recording the verses.

As promised, here are the recording assignments for this week. It's a quick 7-8 minute project per part. If you could do all three parts, that would be fantastic so we can have everybody's voices filling in the harmonies.

Top Harmony:

Middle Harmony:

Bottom Harmony:

Send us your recordings before next Wednesday (by Tuesday night).  Send to:

Did you record "Beautiful Savior" yet?  There's still time:

Part Assignments:

Melody:  Addison, Amelia, Angelina, Armen, Natalia, Paula, Mia, Toni, Vincent - sing melody

High harmony:  Jackie, Jenna, Viva - sing the higher harmony part.  It's the tenor part (top notes in the bass clef), but sounding one octave higher than written, which is in your comfortable range.  Listen to it here:  audio of high harmony.  If you'd like to learn 2 or 3 parts instead of just one, you may also sing melody, and/or alto.

Alto:  Dylan, Justin - sing the alto part, which is definitely low enough to be in your comfort zone.  Listen to it here:  audio of alto part.   If you'd like to do more than one part, you may also sing melody, tenor, and bass.

Once you've listened to your part...

sing along to the video guide:
Send us your recordings by next Tuesday night!

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