Choir From Home Now - October

Current Choir Hymn:  "Beautiful Savior"

This is new for us!  Your first steps:
  • listen to your part & get to know the tune
  • speak the words in sentences; notice the natural phrasing
  • hum the tune, noticing where the sound resonates in your face & head
  • sing through a verse with no words, "la, la, la," letting the sound resonate
  • sing a verse with just the vowel sounds, leaving out the consonants, very connected & LEGATO
If possible, be ready to sing this in our Wednesday Zoom meeting.  Then you'll be ready to record it for next week.

You can hear & see the music in the video.  You can also view the sheet music here:  sheet music
2 videos available:  melody only, and all parts together

Part Assignments:

Melody:  Addison, Amelia, Angelina, Armen, Natalia, Paula, Mia, Toni, Vincent - sing melody

High harmony:  Jackie, Jenna, Viva - sing the higher harmony part.  It's the tenor part (top notes in the bass clef), but sounding one octave higher than written, which is in your comfortable range.  Listen to it here:  audio of high harmony.  If you'd like to learn 2 or 3 parts instead of just one, you may also sing melody, and/or alto.

Alto:  Dylan, Justin - sing the alto part, which is definitely low enough to be in your comfort zone.  Listen to it here:  audio of alto part.   If you'd like to do more than one part, you may also sing melody, tenor, and bass.

Once you've listened to your part...

sing along to the video guide:

For now, enjoy getting to know the song!  If you're eager to record it, or if you'd like us to hear you trying out a portion of the song, send your recordings to
Be ready to sing this when we "meet" on Wednesday.  See you then!

Did you record the recent song yet?

"Jesus, Come to Us" - we're still waiting to hear from a few of you with this song.