Tips on Recording Well

Dos and Don'ts

  • don't add any "processing" to the recording - some apps offer an enhanced "live performance" sound effect.  We will add those nice-sounding effects to everyone's recording when we put them all together.  This works best if you just send the clean, unprocessed recording.
  • don’t fiddle with your voice or manipulate your technique to try to overcome the frustrating & disappointing sound of a small room or the limitations of your recording device.  These frustrations are normal for everyone, and we can fix it in the final mix!
  • don’t sing without the accompaniment - for this to synchronize, we all have to sing along to the same accompaniment.

Please DO:

  • focus on singing the lyrics and the meaning behind the words.  Get familiar with all the lyrics before you start recording.
  • keep the mic pointed at you from 3-4 feet away in a quiet place
  • warm-up your voice first (see Jen’s helpful guided warmup video)
  • sing out with abandon and ease.
  • enjoy singing. Relax, sing along.
  • let your breath be free! Breathe deeply.
  • use your breath to send your best intentions out into the world.
  • make sure you can hear both your own voice and the accompanying track.  You may sing along to whichever version is most helpful to you:  the accompaniment track, or the example track that has your part.
  • if you have the choice, set your recording device to record at a good quality - a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz or more (48 kHz is common, and very good!)
  • if you can change the filename of your finished recording, please name it with the song title and your first name (ex: Jingle Bells - Jim).  Add the name of the part you sang if you are submitting multiple parts (soprano, alto, etc.)
  • send to
Here's a Video Guided Warm-up Routine you can do before you record.  Develop your voice by doing this warm-up every day!