How to Record

After you've practiced...

  • set up in a QUIET area with a copy of the music, a device to play the accompaniment, and a 2nd device to record.  You may have to keep the accompaniment track in just one ear, so that you can hear yourself clearly with the other ear.
  • start your devices:  recorder first, then the accompaniment playing in your ear
  • sing comfortably, with a good sound.
  • if you make a mistake, keep going - don't give up for just one or two mistakes.  If you make a lot of mistakes, consider that a practice run: learn what you can from the experience, delete and start over.
  • after you've recorded, listen back to see if there's an easy way to do better.
  • do the whole song a 2nd time.
  • after 2 times through, choose the best one.  It merely has to be good, not perfect!
  • QUESTIONS?  Contact us!  Jen and Jim are available for advice on good singing, navigating your parts successfully, good recording, and generally getting the most out of this experience.  Though we are all separately at home, don't feel that you're alone.  We're here for you.  Just ask us!
After you've recorded, send us your recording by email to

Tips on Recording Well...