How to Prepare

  • view and print the sheet music, using the links provided with each song.
  • if you have the time, view the advice video for the song
  • using the links, listen attentively, without singing, to the example performance of your part, so you'll know how the details should sound.  Prepare to imitate what you hear as closely as possible.
  • in addition to the sheet music, have 2 devices ready:  one to play the accompaniment recording into headphones/ earbuds so that you can hear it while you sing, and the 2nd device to record the sound of your voice.
  • find a quiet place where there aren't too many other noises or distractions
  • warm-up your singing voice
  • after listening, practice singing along (if your part is unfamiliar, start by humming along).  Don't record your 1st time through, just practice and see if you can make any improvements.  Think of this part of the process as if it's choir rehearsal - it is!