Choir from Home: this week (May 18-25)

Have you heard the finished versions of your recent recordings?

We're collecting them all here for your listening enjoyment.  Share them with your family & friends!

This week:

for broadcast this Sunday, May 25.
Send us your recordings before 4pm Saturday, May 24.

Let There Be Peace On Earth

Example Recordings

For those who would like an extra challenge, try the alto part (optional, but very beautiful!)
tenor (tenors, on final repeat of 2nd verse, sing melody.  Then at ending, your choice of melody or tenor.  You'll hear Jim & Jen split into both parts there.  Choose one, or record twice and do both).

What will this sound like with all the parts together?  Here it is with just Jen and Jim singing all the parts:  Listen to the 2-person quartet version (In this recording, Jen is singing soprano, alto & tenor, Jim is singing tenor & bass & playing the piano.  It'll sound so much better when we add YOUR voices!)

Did you miss one of the recent songs?

It's not too late to make your recording and add your voice.  This song will be re-mixed and broadcast again soon, and we'd love to have ALL of your voices this time!

O Sanctissima (in English)

sheet music - accompaniment

Example Recordings

soprano (melody) - alto - descant
tenor bass

Send your recordings to

Thank you!

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