Choir from Home - This Week (May 4-10)

This week:  for broadcast this Sunday, May 10.
Send us your recordings before 4pm Saturday, May 9.

O Sanctissima (in English)

sheet music - accompaniment

Example Recordings

soprano (melody) - alto - descant
tenor - bass

YOUTH Choir:  each of you can record two parts, as both parts are well within your range.  High voices: record both soprano and alto.  Low voices:  record both tenor and bass.

CHILDREN'S Choir:  sing the soprano part

Did you miss last week's song?

It's not too late to make your recording and add your voice.  This song will be re-mixed and broadcast again soon, and we'd love to have ALL of your voices this time!

Bread of Angels

sheet music - accompaniment
Video advice for this song

Example Recordings

soprano (melody) - alto
tenor - bass

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Thank you!

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