Spring 2020 - Choir from home!

Until we are able to gather again, there are no Wednesday evening rehearsals, and the church remains closed to public events.  HOWEVER, our church is still celebrating Mass, and so our choirs can still be heard by recording music in advance.  Those recordings will be included in the streaming broadcasts.  We would like every chorister who is able to do so, to please record yourself performing the choir pieces for Palm Sunday.  Jim will then take all the recorded voices and put them together into a Virtual Choir.  You can hear an example here (link), where Jen made a "quartet" recording by singing 4 different parts, then putting them together - really cool, but we're not doing that song this week. Here are the details for what we'd like YOU to do:

  • view and print the sheet music from the list below.
  • listen to the recorded performance (if one is listed), so you'll know how the details should sound - when to start & stop, notes & rhythms, where to breathe, when to say the final letter of a word (especially "s" and "t"), etc.  Prepare to imitate what you hear as closely as possible.  It will help if you count the beats in the long notes.
  • in addition to the sheet music, have 2 devices ready:  one to play the accompaniment recording into headphones/ earbuds so that you can hear it while you sing, and the 2nd device to record the sound of your voice.  Don't sing without the accompaniment - for this to work, we all have to sing along to the same accompaniment.
  • find a quiet place where there aren't too many other noises or distractions
  • AFTER listening to the song without singing, play it again and practice singing along.  Don't record your 1st time through, just practice and see if you can make any improvements.  Sing with your best, full voice, even if you're in a small room, even if the rest of your family will hear.  You'll sound best if you just let everybody hear your voice.
Recording:  once you're set up with a copy of the music, a device to play the accompaniment, and a 2nd device to record, and you've practiced, then...
  • start your recorder
  • then start the accompaniment playing in your ear
  • sing with your best, full voice
  • if you make a mistake, keep going - don't give up for just one mistake
  • after you've recorded, listen back to see if there's an easy way to do better.
  • do the whole song a 2nd time
  • after 2 times through, choose the best one and move on to the next song.
After you've recorded, send us your recording by email to shssmusic@gmail.com

Please don't add any "processing" to the recording - some apps offer an enhanced "live performance" sound effect.  We will add those nice-sounding effects to everyone's recording when we put them all together.  This works best if you just send the clean, unprocessed recording.

REPERTOIRE for Palm Sunday

Children's & Youth Choir