Choir from Home - Easter Season 2020 - Bread of Angels

While the church remains closed to public events, our choirs can still be heard by recording music in advance.  These recordings will be included in the streaming broadcasts of Mass.  We would like every chorister who is able to do so, to please record yourself performing a choir piece each week.  Your recorded voices will be assembled into a Virtual Choir.  Here are the details for what we'd like YOU to do.


  • view and print the sheet music, using the links below.
  • view the advice video for this week’s song
  • using the links below, listen attentively, without singing, to the example performance of your part, so you'll know how the details should sound.  Prepare to imitate what you hear as closely as possible.
  • in addition to the sheet music, have 2 devices ready:  one to play the accompaniment recording into headphones/ earbuds so that you can hear it while you sing, and the 2nd device to record the sound of your voice.
  • find a quiet place where there aren't too many other noises or distractions
  • warm-up your singing voice
  • after listening, practice singing along (if your part is unfamiliar, start by humming along).  Don't record your 1st time through, just practice and see if you can make any improvements.  Think of this stage of the process as if it's choir rehearsal - it is!

Recording:  after you've practiced...

  • set up your area with a copy of the music, a device to play the accompaniment, and a 2nd device to record.  You may have to keep the accompaniment track in just one ear, so that you can hear yourself clearly with the other ear.
  • start your devices:  recorder first, then the accompaniment playing in your ear
  • sing comfortably, with a good sound.
  • if you make a mistake, keep going - don't give up for just one or two mistakes.  If you make a lot of mistakes, consider that a practice run, learn what you can from the experience, delete and start over.
  • after you've recorded, listen back to see if there's an easy way to do better.
  • do the whole song a 2nd time.
  • after 2 times through, choose the best one.  It merely has to be good, not perfect!
  • QUESTIONS?  Contact us!  Jen and Jim are available for advice on good singing, navigating your parts successfully, good recording, and generally getting the most out of this experience.  Though we are all separately at home, don't feel that you're alone.  We're here for you.  Just ask us!

After you've recorded, send us your recording by email to

Advice on Recording - Dos and Don'ts

  • don't add any "processing" to the recording - some apps offer an enhanced "live performance" sound effect.  We will add those nice-sounding effects to everyone's recording when we put them all together.  This works best if you just send the clean, unprocessed recording.
  • don’t fiddle with your voice or manipulate your technique to try to overcome the frustrating & disappointing sound of a small room or the limitations of your recording device.  These frustrations are normal for everyone, and we can fix it in the final mix!
  • don’t sing without the accompaniment - for this to synchronize, we all have to sing along to the same accompaniment.

Please DO:

  • focus on singing the lyrics and the meaning behind the words.  Get familiar with all the lyrics before you start recording.
  • keep the mic pointed at you from 3-4 feet away in a quiet place
  • warm-up your voice first (see Jen’s helpful guided warmup video)
  • sing out with abandon and ease.
  • enjoy singing. Relax, sing along.
  • let your breath be free! Breathe deeply.
  • use your breath to send your best intentions out into the world.
  • make sure you can hear both your own voice and the accompanying track.  You may sing along to whichever version is most helpful to you:  the accompaniment track, or the example track that has your part.
  • if you have the choice, set your recording device to record at a good quality - a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz or more (48 kHz is common, and very good!)
  • if you can change the filename of your finished recording, please name it with the song title and your first name (ex: Jingle Bells - Jim).  Add the name of the part you sang if you are submitting multiple parts (soprano, alto, etc.)
  • send to

This week’s song:  Bread of Angels

For broadcast this Sunday, May 3.
Recordings due by 4pm Saturday, May 2.

Example Recordings
Note to YOUTH Choir:  each of you can record two parts if you like, as both parts are well within your range.  Dylan & Justin should record the bass part first, then the tenor part (both of you will sing both parts).  Everyone else should start with the soprano part and then do the alto too (alto is only in the final verse).

Send to

Thank you!